From cosmetics to skincare products, the beauty industry is one that looks to continue growing for years to come. The simple truth is, people, from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, have always looked for a way to improve or highlight their natural beauty.

Pull in traffic from all over the world to your website or ecommerce store, with either paid or organic traffic. Understanding the difference between quantity and quality, we focus on targeted traffic, allowing you to reach people who match your company’s key demographic. These customers are then led down a well curated sales funnel, until the point of purchase.

The beauty industry’s 5-year projection estimates that it will very nearly be a trillion dollar industry, coming in at around $905 billion by 2020.

Beauty brands and manufacturers must look to the future when looking to market their products. The age of exclusively shopping for beauty products on supermarket shelves is over—online shopping is threatening to put physical shops out of business, and your company must adapt to this trend.

Our beauty industry marketing services are tailored to establish your brand as a viable and thriving virtual business; pushing your products, improving brand recognition, and an international reach.


Get greater ROI on your marketing budget by deploying new digital marketing strategies. Piece out short-term and long-term strategies to allow your team to capture a piece of the near trillion-dollar beauty industry marketing.

Influencers & PR Hacking

Marketing in beauty industry has dramatically changed in the past decade. Presence from the right influencers can help catapult your products sales and position you properly for higher profit margins. We have created PR hacking techniques to get you in front of the right influencers & sources.


Evolve from mediocrity and obscurity to an easily recognizable brand, as our creative team gets to work crafting a compelling, relatable image for your beauty company. Add some colors to your business, essentially beautifying your business with our digital cosmetic services. A good brand is key to market relevance.

Creative Content Creation

Look to our agency to create new and compelling creative content around your beauty product. Unique graphic design images, extensive whitepapers around your beauty features, or in-depth videos explaining your new promotional items.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your beauty brand’s visibility and name recognition with aggressive social media tactics. Leverage well curated content—written, videos, and images—into creating a loyal followership on the biggest social media platforms.

Paid Campaign Management

Set up your PPC campaigns with the right keyword strategy, search optimization, and comprehensive analytics. Monitor all your beauty PPC campaigns to ensure they are as effective and profitable as they possibly can be. We help manage and optimize it all for you.

Market & Competitor Research

Get comprehensive market insights to beauty trends and key factors that should dictate your company’s marketing strategies. Also, analyze your competitor’s outreach and marketing schemes, to determine the best way to get a competitive edge.