Some professions and industries are guaranteed to continually thrive, and the dentist’s office is one such places. The dental industry as a whole has been on an upward trajectory, with 2021 market value of over $37 billion, according to leading market analysts Statista.

Brenton Way provides top-notch online marketing and branding services for players in the dental practice, including:

  • Dental practices
  • Oral care product manufacturers
  • Oral practitioners
  • Dental stores and salespersons

The goal of dental industry SEO is, primarily, bring in new paying clients, and improve your market reach and visibility. Although dentist visits are supposedly routine, getting new visitors to choose yours above the tens of thousands of existing dental practices is vital.


The goal of your dental industry marketing strategy is to gauge market intent and provide the value they so desperately need. And keyword targeting is the surefire way to drive traffic to your clinic. Our team at Brenton Way will perform comprehensive Keyword research, to find the most profitable, yet least competitive keywords to attract customers to your business. After research, we will embark upon smart Search Engine Optimization techniques to ensure you rank among the first results on Google Search results for popular dental related keywords and search terms.

Dental SEO Marketing

Apart from keyword targeting, local SEO strategies like leveraging Google’s My Business platform, Local Listings, and updating your virtual presence will position your dental practice optimally to local customers. Close to 60% of patients seek out a dentist online before booking an appointment in person, so your business has to have a strong online presence to stand out from the crowd.

Competitor Analysis

Leverage our years of experience marketing multiple successful dental practices to properly position your business as a viable dental brand. Competitor analysis studies and outlines your direct competitors’ marketing strategies, their targeted keywords and maps out a strategy to successfully outmaneuver them—with completely white hat techniques.

Dental Website Optimization

A website is essentially your clinic’s virtual office, where you make a sales pitch, showcase your strengths and expertise and highlight how you differ from the barrage of white noise in the dental industry. Your website’s landing pages will be carefully designed—visually to help potential clients. Defined call to actions to convince website visitors into eventually booking an appointment at your dental clinic.

Content for Dental Clinics

Content is king, even when it comes to pulling in hundreds of new clients to your cli8nic over the course of a few months. Share valuable content like, daily reminders, blog posts, listicles, how-to lists, homemade remedies for minor dental issues, and you will gain the trust of your audience—and new patients in the long run.